A Fun Way to Enjoy Yogurt

KIN Bulgarian Yogurt Slurp give your children new experience in enjoying thick Yogurt. Aside from direct​ 'slurp' consumption, it can be frozen like an ice stick or poured into cereals and sweet salad.​

Made with imported MB-11 Lactobacillus d. Bulgaricus bacteria culture from Bulgaria, Vitamins, Calcium from Fresh Milk, KIN Bulgarian Yogurt Slurp is an ideal snack for active and adventurous kids who enjoy discovering new things.​

KIN Bulgarian Yogurt Slurp must be stored at 4°C


The superfruit that's high in antioxidants is finally here! Refreshing and sweet blueberries come together with KIN's rich and creamy yogurt to create a perfect snack.


Strawberry has always been an all-time kid's favorite fruit to be blended with yogurt. To ensure that you experience the finest strawberry yogurt experience, we carefully pick the strawberries so that the perfect sweetness and sourness is archived while maintaining the authentic Bulgarian taste.