We believe that the best nutrition comes from nature and that everyone should have access to it. From the yogurt found in the mountainous region of Bulgaria to the wonders of milk from A2 cows, we are committed to uncovering the best from nature and delivering it to you.

With the latest innovations in manufacturing, we can keep our dairy products fresh and pack all the goodness without using preservatives. It is our priority to deliver wholesome and natural products safely to you so you can live a healthier life.


KIN Farm is Indonesia's most modern dairy farm situated 1,350 meters above sea level in the mountainous region of West Java Island. The farm is spread over 80 hectares and is equipped with the latest technologies in milking, feeding, and processing, all in compliance with international standards.

Food safety and hygiene are our utmost priorities. We ensure that we implement the highest quality control standards. We never mix our milk with that from other cows that aren't ours. We process and bottle the milk at our own facilities. This process allows us to control the quality of our milk at every step of the way, so you can trust where KIN comes from.

Our fully automated milking process keeps our milk untouched by human hands, and we do not use preservatives or any additives in our milk. We simply deliver nature's best in its purest form so you can enjoy all the goodness.

Committed to

Quality and Freshness

Achieving a high standard of quality and freshness is determined by the manufacturing process and packaging format. We are one of the first dairy companies in the world with the capability to aseptically fill our products into UV-protected bottles to guarantee their quality and freshness.